Monopoly Go Partners Event Full Carry

Ice Cream Partners Event starts on July 10th and ends on July 15th

Make sure you have slots available before purchase. You'll get an email with the usernames to partner with and you'll get an invite from each one which you must accept so we can get started. You can also check your partners in the My Orders page.

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What is Partners Event Full Carry?

Monopoly Go Partners Event Full Carry is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build up your board and win prizes. Anyone who reaches Board 5 is eligible to participate in the Partners Event.

We do everything for you as we complete all the tasks and challenges very fast and you'll get full rewards for all the slots you purchase.

It's important to note that no malicious or illegal tactics are used to add the dice onto your account. This service is 100% safe.

Is this process safe? Can my account get banned?

This process is 100% safe. It has been delivered thousands of times on accounts from all over the world and never once have had issues. This service is 100% safe and carries absolutely no risks.