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What is the Monopoly Partners Event?

The Partners Event is a big social live event where you can partner with your friends to build things on your board and win prizes.

Who can participate?

Anyone who reaches Board 5 is eligible to participate in the Partners Event.


During the Partners Event, you will find 4 slots on the board. You will need to partner up with other players to build attractions on these slots.
In order to upgrade your attractions, you need to spin the wheel and gain points to progress. You and your partner both contribute to the same progress bar! To spin the wheel, you need to collect specific Event tokens that work as currency (Ex: macarons for the Baking Event) by rolling on the board and from live events.

Where can I get Event Tokens?

Tokens will be available on the board as pick-ups and as rewards gained from different events. Each Partners Event is themed and so is the currency needed to spin the wheel.


You can send and receive invites from your friends to form partnerships. You will also get partner suggestions to help you build your cakes! Keep in mind that once a partnership is created, it can't be dissolved for the event.


You will get prizes every time you reach a milestone on the progress bar. Complete the attraction to get the Top Prize! If you go above and beyond and complete all 4 attractions, you'll get the Grand Prize!

Prizes are equal for you and your partner, but cash rewards may vary because they are based on your Net Worth and Board level.

Although there may be a difference in the amount of cash, the actions each partner will be able to perform for individual progress with those amounts will be the same.