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What's Monopoly Go and why's so popular?

Monopoly Go (stylized as Monopoly GO!) is a newly released online board game by Scopely. This is the first mobile app version of Monopoly.

Players compete to acquire wealth through stylized economic activity. This involves buying, renting, and trading properties using play money.

The objective of the game is to own every piece of property and drive other players into bankruptcy. Monopoly Go is named after the economic concept of monopoly. It refers to the domination of a market by a single entity. The game was released globally on April 11, 2023.



In Monopoly Go, players move their tokens based on the number of dots on the dice. Landing on any properties earns rent, but landing on any tax penalty reduces cash.

Players can use Roll Multipliers to earn more dice rolls and win more rewards. These include property rent tiles, points for tournaments and events, and the ability to pick up items on the Monopoly board.

Chance tiles sometimes give players extra cash and rolls. Community Chest tiles let players add cash to the chest and invite friends to open it for a chance to win more money.

Players can also play the Bank Heist and Shut Down mini-games. They can do this when their tokens land on one of the four railroad tiles. Players can receive stickers as they progress through the game.

Players can receive stickers from events, tournaments, and completing Quick Wins missions. They can also receive stickers as gifts from other players. Some stickers are ranked one to five stars.

When players complete one of the sets from the Sticker Album, they earn big rewards. Completing the entire album earns massive rewards.

It also unlocks a new token for their collection. Check out our Sticker Album page to purchase Monopoly stickers and start collecting today.


Chance and Community Chest Tiles

Chance tiles add surprises to the game, sometimes giving players extra money and rolls.

Community Chest tiles let players give money to the chest and invite friends to open it, giving them a chance to win more money.

The game also has mini-games like Bank Heist and Shut Down that activate when tokens land on specific railroad tiles.


Sticker Collection Feature

Monopoly Go has a Sticker Album feature that makes the game more exciting. Players earn stickers through events, tournaments, Quick Wins missions, and as gifts from other players.

Stickers have different rankings, from one to five stars. When players complete sets in the Sticker Album, they get big rewards. If they complete the whole album, they not only get massive rewards but also unlock a new token for their collection.


Monopoly Sticker Album

Monopoly Go has a special page for the Sticker Album where collectors can buy stickers and start their collection.

The Sticker Album makes the game more fun and gives players a sense of achievement when they complete sets and earn big in-game rewards.


Monopoly Go is not just a digital version of the classic board game. It combines traditional Monopoly elements with new features to create an exciting experience for players worldwide.

As players explore Monopoly Go, they discover a modern twist on the timeless game. It blends strategy, luck, and social interaction in a seamless digital environment.

They can compete in tournaments, complete missions, or collect stickers in the Sticker Album.

Monopoly Go offers a multi-dimensional and immersive gaming experience that appeals to both experienced players and newcomers.