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What are Monopoly Go Stickers?

Stickers are collectible items that are found throughout the game. Nine unique Stickers make up each themed Album. Complete an Album to earn big prizes, including one of three special game Tokens!


How do I get Monopoly Go Stickers?

There are lots of ways to earn Stickers in the game: Finishing Quick Wins, progressing through Milestone Events, finishing top 3 in a Tournament, spinning the Color Set Wheel, being gifted Stickers from a friend, or buying Stickers through this store. Click here to buy Monopoly Go stickers.

Completing Sticker Album

To complete the album you need to keep earning sticker packs, trade with other players or buy stickers.

You can also recycle your extra cards, and access the "Rewards for Extras" menu within the album menu.

Every time a new season starts you will get a new album with new sets. Once the season is over all of the unused stickers will disappear and you will be able to start collecting new stickers!