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How to Add Friends on Monopoly Go?

In the world of Monopoly GO, expanding your social circle is not just about building properties, but also about connecting with friends.

To enhance your gaming experience, here are the 3 main ways to add friends and maximize your rewards.

Adding Friends Via Contact List

  1. Head to the bottom right corner of your game screen and select 'Friends.'
  2. Opt for the Contact List option to effortlessly add friends. Simply connect your phone's contact list to Monopoly GO.
  3. By sharing your phone number and granting access to your contacts, friends who recently joined the game will be automatically added.
  4. Worried about privacy? Don't be! You can easily unlink your contacts from Monopoly GO by adjusting the game's permissions.

Adding Friends Through Facebook

  1. Streamline the process by linking your Facebook account with Monopoly GO.
  2. Navigate to 'Friends' at the bottom right corner of your game screen, and choose the Facebook option.
  3. Your Facebook friend list who plays Monopoly GO will be seamlessly integrated into your in-game friends.
  4. Enjoy the convenience of not having to send individual invites, making it the ideal option for those who prefer not to share their phone numbers.

Adding Friends By Sending an Invite Link

  1. Have friends who haven't yet experienced the Monopoly GO thrill? Send them an invite link!
  2. Copy the invite link and share it effortlessly on any messaging app of your choice.
  3. When your friends open the link, they'll be directed to the store page where they can easily download and install the game on their phones.
  4. Once installed, they'll automatically become part of your Monopoly GO friends list.

Unlock Exciting Bonuses by Growing Your Monopoly GO Network

When you expand your Monopoly GO friend circle by adding up to 60 new friends, you'll unlock exclusive rewards, including:

✓ 860 Dice

✓ Mr. Monopoly Token + Cash

While reaching the milestone of 60 new friends might pose a challenge, our website provides a solution through our convenient "Invite Friends" feature. Explore our packages, including 10 Invites, 50 Invites & 50 + 10 Invites.

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